Change is coming

It seems that great change comes after great difficulty in life. Those experiences shape who we are and who we become.

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It’s time to take those challenges and transform them into our greatest gifts.

Rad Life Rocks will be changing. Improving. Growing.

Into a place where overwhelm and exhaustion meets support and strategy.

A place where being busy is not a badge of status.

Where you can share your struggles and be met with a community who gets it.

A blog to read and relate.

A team to bring you a foundation to stand on.

Being a working mother is hard work. Being everything to everyone is not mandatory, yet we seem to take in on as our primary duty.

I want to bring you to a place where you love your life. You are excited to work, you feel no guilt, blame, or shame for doing things that bring you pleasure. Where your kids know they are loved and your spouse honors your needs and everyone is calmer because mommy is herself again.

I know, it sounds like a fairytale. But if you have been living in a foggy-brained nightmare, not sure which way is up, and fearful that every decision you make, be it exercise, nutrition, work, family, or otherwise, is going to end in some disaster, then you NEED to join us here.

Bring your story. Bring your challenge.

Learn from others. Learn from your coach.

Stand tall again. Smile again. Remember who YOU are.

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Be Radiant-

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The BIG News

Good morning  my dear friends.

This post will be my last official post on this site.

But don’t worry! I’m still writing, educating, and empowering women to have the confidence to be a RADiant Rockstar and love themselves fully.

I’m just doing it over at my other site:

Let me tell you (FINALLY) what is going on with me:

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I have a very hard time slowing down and letting go of things I’m passionate about. I’m obviously very stubborn *wink* My body has begged me to change my ways and LISTEN to the signs. I listened, but I didn’t HEAR the depth of the request.

Jesus, I hear ya. I’m going to take out my earplugs and pull down my blinders and stop saying “YES” to so many parts and pieces. Spreading myself thin seems to be my trademark. I’m going to re-brand myself  - saying “YES” to my health so I can deliver the message you have allowed me, LOUD AND CLEAR.

Empowering people to live the life they have always wanted by gaining the confidence to love themselves FULLY.

Flourish believes in that message.

What do we do at Flourish?

Empower Sustainable Change.

How do we do that? Go check us out and see:

The blog : Coach Talk

If you felt that you could relate, in some way, to this video and my current state of internal affairs, let me know! And don’t forget – when your body is having an internal war, you need to treat the ROOT cause: THE GUT.

Last night I delivered the kick-off call for the Core Values Detox. We have a great community of committed individuals signed up and ready to ROCK n’ ROLL come Monday when the Core Values Detox officially begins.

It’s not too late to register. Check out the details: Core Values Detox

Once you register, I will send you the recording of the kick-off call – it will bring you INTO your body and start to understand how the GUT (or CORE) holds everything else together. You will NOT be disappointed. I’m looking forward to loving up my gut and beginning to feel SO MUCH BETTER! Join me.

Don’t forget – I’m not gone, just changing locations. We’ve got some prime real estate over at

Follow us:

Twitter: @CoachSelena
Pinterest: Coach Selena

Thank you for all your support and loyalty. I think of you everyday and I hope you have been inspired to LIVE.

Be RADiant-


Why lack of sleep can make you fat

Sam tired

Sooo Tired..

On the best of days, I wake up feeling awake and clear. I savor my hot lemon water, my breakfast of greens and eggs, and may or may not want a cup of green tea. My day progresses along with a focused mind (well, as focused am my ADD mind can get), an energized feeling, and very small (if any) cravings for sweets and salt, which I can easily manage.

Lately, these days are few and far between.

I have disappeared down a pit of “new normal,” which I am desperately trying to claw my way out of.

These days, I wake with a headache and my entire body turns to lead, objecting to get up. I have my hot lemon water, followed promptly by green tea…just to be followed up a hour later with some combination of Teecino and coffee because I.just.can’ *sigh*

Once the caffeine kicks in, I pray that is all it will take to get me through. Not so. As my fatigue sweeps over me and the cloud starts to set in my brain, I snack, and snack, and snack some more. All day long, my body is begging me for some way to boost it’s energy. What it really wants is sleep and rest, unfortunately, I feed it instead with the quickest form of energy: sugar.

In my defense, I start with the healthy ‘sweets’ – fruit, veggies, smoothies, and dried fruit and nuts. My intentions are good…but they fail almost every single time. I end up eating protein bars, dark chocolate, lots of almond butter, honey, and cacao…oh…and more coffee :)

Oh, it gets better. If I go too long with the sweets, then I have a salt cravings like NO OTHER. Organic blue tortilla chips and Daiya cheese come to the rescue.

And does any of this actually make me feel better?


At the end of the feeding fest, its usually way past my desired bedtime of 10 pm, and I ache all over.

Honestly, I soooo want to feel better. I dream of feeling like ME again – without the added stimulants and food binging to get me there. I KNOW, without a doubt, that sleep is one of the most important parts – the   “cradle”, if you will, of my recovery.

I realize, that no matter how many green smoothies I drink, how many supplements I take, or how many superfoods I cram into my diet, none of that will take hold if sleep is not happening.

Not only is sleep the key to rest and repair for our organ systems, it also has a strong hand in managing many hormones, including the one that regulate appetite: ghrelin and leptin.

Ghrelin: The Snacking Hormone

Hormones in Action

Hormones in Action

Ghrelin. Sounds like gremlin and to me, that is what it is right now. This hormone is secreted by the wall of the stomach when we are deficient in calories. It tells us: “Time to eat!” Ghrelin has been proven to increase in our system with sleep disturbance, in fact, this study* shows that even just ONE NIGHT of sleep deprivation can cause a rise in levels and an increased appetite. In this study**, it surmises that ghrelin also has a strong circadian rhythm. Yes my friends – we ARE connected to the universe. The sun rises and falls and our bodies are interconnected to the greater whole. – but I digress….

Leptin: The “How Can I Still Be Hungry?” Hormone

Leptin is secreted by the fat cells. This hormone tells us when we are full and is signaled when we have sufficient calories coming in. It also boosts our metabolism by encouraging the body to burn those calories we have ingested. In numerous studies, including this one***, leptin is affected with sleep deprivation. As the levels of ghrelin rise in our bloodstream, leptin levels fall. This causes us to KEEP EATING. We never feel quite full.

Do you notice on the mornings you are most tired, that all you want to do is eat (sweet or carby stuff usually) and drink coffee? That’s no coincidence – it’s your body revolting against the lack of sleep.

You are putting your body into a stressed state. We need sleep to survive and thrive. If we don’t get it, we feed ourselves as a mechanism to keep us ‘alive.’

Just to be fair and thorough, there are other components that go into the dynamic of feeling hunger and satiety. Insulin and Peptide YY are two. Insulin is secreted from the pancreas in response to glucose in the bloodstream. It comes in and sweeps up the sugar and helps to feed cells (and stores excess as fat). After meal, this is released and generally keeps us satiated for a time.

Peptide YY is found in the ileum and colon of your digestive system. It is secreted in response to eating and also is an appetite suppressant.

I KNOW this, why don’t I just go to bed?

Good question. I have done a lot of thought about this. I think it is a few things:

1. I’ve got a lot to do!

2. By the time I get home from work or get the kids to bed, I want some ME time – which translates into staying up late and snacking (hint: need new method here!)

3. Once I hit the 10 pm hour, I get my second wind …I’ve missed the wave of sleep.

4. …sleeping alone…I think this really does have something to do with it.

This has GOT to change. I’ve got more going on with my health than just THIS piece, which I PROMISE to let you in on soon. Sleep is a HUGE part that needs to be tended to. No more excuses. Just new methods!

Like….traveling to Maui for a week :)

My vacation w/ my monkeys

My vacation w/ my monkeys

Sleep Success!

Now it’s time to act. No more pushing through to ‘get stuff done.’ No more staying up late to ‘relax.’ Instead, I’ve spent time in Hawaii with my monkeys and my brother. Laying in the sun, playing in the water, and going to bed early have been my standard over the last 6 days. I had hoped to get back to ‘early to bed and early to rise,’ and I have been successful. Granted, it’s really easy to get out of bed at sunrise when you have roosters waking you every morning and the temperature is 75 degrees at 6 am.

Let’s hope I can continue this when I get home.

How much sleep are you getting?

Take a look at your sleep patterns. Be truthful to yourself about what you need to do for your body. Trust me, you don’t want to end up where I am at right now…

If you need some tips, go back and read this post: 5 Ways to Maximize your Zzzzs  and Catching the wave of sleep.


I have a new program that is rolling out next week…more to come, but for now, here is a sneak peek: Core Values Detox

Be RADiant-


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